Digital Skills for Educators

Discover the essentials of digital education in our Digital Skills for Educators course! Dive into Google Drive, VARK Theory, Trello, Google Classroom, Canva, Kahoot, and AI. Through hands-on learning, educators will master these tools for enhanced organization, collaboration, and creative teaching methods. Join us on a streamlined journey to elevate your digital skills and thrive in the modern educational landscape!



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Course Modules

VARK Theory

This module delves into the VARK learning styles, providing educators with insights into tailoring their teaching methods to accommodate diverse preferences. By understanding how students absorb information best, educators can optimize their instructional approaches for improved learning outcomes.

Google Drive

This section focuses on empowering educators with comprehensive knowledge of Google Drive, a powerful cloud-based tool. Participants will learn to efficiently organize, collaborate, and share documents, fostering a seamless workflow for lesson planning, resource management, and collaborative projects.

Effectively using AI with ChatGPT:

Explore the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education through ChatGPT. Educators will discover practical applications of AI in the classroom, including personalized assistance, automated feedback, and innovative ways to engage students in interactive and dynamic learning experiences.


This module introduces Trello as an organizational tool for educators. Participants will learn to create boards, manage tasks, and collaborate with colleagues, streamlining their planning and administrative processes. Trello's user-friendly interface makes it an invaluable asset for educators seeking enhanced productivity.

Google Classroom

Dive into the features and functionalities of Google Classroom, a robust platform designed to streamline communication, assignment distribution, and feedback loops. Educators will learn to create engaging virtual classrooms, foster online discussions, and leverage the platform's tools for effective digital teaching.


This section introduces educators to Kahoot, a gamified learning platform that promotes student engagement through quizzes and interactive challenges. Participants will learn to create and implement Kahoot games, transforming traditional assessments into dynamic and enjoyable learning experiences.

Forgetting Curve

Understand the science behind the forgetting curve and its implications for teaching. Educators will explore strategies to mitigate the effects of the forgetting curve, ensuring that their lessons are designed for optimal retention and long-term learning.


Educators will discover how to create visually appealing presentations, educational materials, and interactive content to captivate and inspire students. This module equips educators with the skills to enhance the visual impact of their teaching materials.


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